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Nonton Film Serial Living Together in Empty Room 2017


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Rating :
: 7.5/10 (1 votes)
Released :
Category : comedy, korea, Reality Show, tv serial
Trailer : Living Together in Empty Room 2017
Duration :
Director :
Staring :
Tag :
Synopsys : The program talks about becoming housemates of the celebrities who are living alone. There is an solo artist (or an artist group) acting as the house owner and one or more others will come to rent a room. Each of them will have a lease with three terms that they want each others to do for themselves or do together. After agreeing to the terms set out, the tenant give the ownera rent (not explicitly announced), they will jointly sign the contracts and start living together. They will live together for a few days and carry out the contractual provisions, as well as create memories together as friends. At the end, they will sincerely think about the memories with each other after living together, and each of them will separately respond to a survey that they will select \"YES\" or \"NO\" to become roommates with each other again; the results are announced shortly thereafter. This survey is only symbolic, and not decisive, i.e all of them select \"YES\" doesn\'t mean that they will be roommates again.

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